Video 35 Min.

The work is based on video materials which I shot between 2001 and 2002 at my fathers home in Hungary. A private, intimate story is told through a mix of our conversations with the television programs we hear running in the background. The kitchen and the garden, the places where we stay, my father talking as he goes about his day to day chores, at times creates a meaning of its own. The television programms (a movie, a talkshow and a documentary) illustrates and completes our conversations better than we ever could do with our words alone.
The video has two different subtitles. One for the dialogue between my father and I, the other for the different television programs running in the background. At first the different dialogues are complicated to follow, but together they build a complete picture, a new meaning. The context of one subtitle might be enhanced, reinforced or displaced when juxtaposed with another.