Video Installation

A video loop perpetually unfurls on the flat screen, meticulously concealing its start and endpoints. The viewer embarks on an endless journey along a row of sex workers offering their services in houseboats, a sight synonymous with a visit to the red light district in Utrecht, colloquially known as Zandpad or Rode Brug.
Auditorily, the ambiance diverges from the visual, replacing expected ambient noises with the persistent rattling of a machine. This incongruence elicits the impression of a machine sustaining its operation through a self-perpetuating power. As we traverse along the balustrade of the device, crafted in a sinusoidal wave form, the auditory experience intimates that the mechanical apparatus is energized by the undulating force of the waves' ascent and descent.
Redirecting attention back to the houseboats, the machine's rattling persists, now seemingly endowed with sufficient energy to perpetually cycle to its end and rewind autonomously. Notably, the camera does not focus on the sex workers, but rather on water droplets cascading down the car glass, providing a deliberately obscured view that precludes the identification of individuals.