Closed-Circuit Video Installation

The installation comprises a table, a chair, and a video screen, presenting observers with a deliberately sparse setup for engagement. The environment is captured by a video camera, with the temporally deferred image projected onto the screen. Invoking a process of mirroring, each subject necessitates an object to face them, enabling a pathway to self-consciousness. Yet, an uncanny phenomenon unfolds as one perceives themselves through a time-lapsed lens.
Within the installation, observers—now confronted with their own time-delayed image—begin to manipulate and dictate their movements, orchestrating their bodies before the projection akin to a marionette.
Alternatively, the observer is presented with the option to ascend the table. Failing to recognize this possibility confines them to predetermined conventions, leaving the projection unaltered. However, choosing to step on the table triggers the melodic strains of Handel's 'Hallelujah' from Messiah, transitioning the video image to a real-time projection.