Responsive Installation - Projection on holographic projection foil

Seeking Specious' manifests as an aestheticized surveillance system, conceived initially upon an invitation to partake in an exhibition orchestrated by the Utrecht (NL) based private organization "Stichting Kunstmanifestatie op Locatie". The theme of the exhibition, "De Mensenfamilie - The Family Of Man", offers a contemplative nod to the iconic photo show of the 1950s.
Within this installation, individuals entering the cafeteria of the University Library of Utrecht are surreptitiously captured. Their images are projected onto a holographic foil, and subsequently placed within a virtual 3D space, paired with various data points derived from image analysis. As the analyzed images sequentially populate a three-dimensional coordinate system—dictated by real-time and image analysis data—a 3D formation gradually takes shape over the course of the day, symbolizing the statistical representation of the analyzed images.